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  • Dear Winter Child

    So child of winter, as you journey into a season filled with magic, wonder, and warmth I want to send you my blessings. This season, though not always easy, is always ready for you to embrace.
  • Raise Your Wings

    Ever feel like you can fly? Ever have a moment where suddenly you just believe ANYTHING is possible? Ever touch a butterfly? My new and first full-...
  • A Story Behind The Adventure...and the song

    Why did I tell you this whirlwind story? Oh yeah, because that was the first time I experienced true adventure. 

    The first time I realized that it's doing the things you most fear that make you stronger and able to conquer the impossible. When you finally survive the eye of the storm you realize that nothing else can stop you.

    Even though, I wasn't quite thinking about this story when I wrote the song "Finding You" I know now that somewhere in the back of my mind, it gave me inspiration.

  • On A Whim? Maybe...

    In times when we are all struggling to make it; stay the distance, place food on our tables, keep our heat on and the rent paid - and for some of us paying others...your support truly means the world.

    Join me on Facebook tomorrow (3/27/2020) @ 3:30 pm EST for a Live Session! I'll be performing the Irish classic "Danny Boy" as well as "Straighten Up and Fly Right" and more! 

  • Welcome to the Family!

      You're in. 😃 And I am so excited you're here! Being a part of a community filled with magical content, operatic pop music, and like-minded indiv...