A Story Behind The Adventure...and the song

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There's a story behind every adventure...

I learned this pretty early in life. My first real experience with adventure was when I was about nine years old. My family and I were on our annual trip up to the mountains in New Hampshire.

Among the beautiful backdrop of trees upon trees and the clouds that hung so low you thought you could reach out and grab a puff or two, was this grand ol' water-park called "Whale's Tale."

We'd go their every year, stay at a small local resort and then head back down the mountains until we'd reach the reason why we couldn't wait all year to go to New Hampshire - a visit to the "Pizza Barn." (and yes it is actually a barn and YES they do serve pizza that is sooooo good you would take a day road trip just to eat one of their pies!)

Anyway, this particular trip was different. It was the year I'd never forget.

As you may or may not know (if you haven't been following me on Facebook or Instagram), I have two very burly older brothers. And this was the year that their torture really made me take a leap. ('course they would call it a lesson in hard knocks, but I digress)

Every water ride at the park they did - including The Plunge where'd one could top 30 feet high and race down a long slide at over 45 mph. But this year was different because not only did they continue competing against each other for ultimate bragging rights as daredevil; but they also made me take a plunge with them!

A new ride had emerged on the water-park scene that year called "Eye of the Storm." And it is exactly how its sounds - like being in an actual hurricane! 😬

I was afraid and baffled by the monument that stood before me. Yet, I also had an urge to do something a little reckless. (maybe it was all that sugary filled lemonade on the ride up?) 🍋

One of my brother's told me that the ride wouldn't be so bad and that once I was thrust into the pool beneath, it was like swimming in 3 feet of water. No biggie.

So I did it. 

I whisked myself off near the top of the mountain splashing all the way through a pitch black dark tunnel into a tea cup like surface that spun me around nearly six times before dropping me into 9 feet - that's right NOT 3 but 9 feet of water!!! 😫

I thought I was going to drown...but something told me to swim up

Needless to say, I'm still alive and well today.


Why did I tell you this whirlwind story? Oh yeah, because that was the first time I experienced true adventure. 

The first time I realized that it's doing the things you most fear that make you stronger and able to conquer the impossible. When you finally survive the eye of the storm you realize that nothing else can stop you.

Even though, I wasn't quite thinking about this story when I wrote the song "Finding You" I know now that somewhere in the back of my mind, it gave me inspiration.

"Finding You" is all about adventure - living in the moment and not being afraid to take a chance on life, on love. 

When the rareness of true adventure seeks us out we must cease the opportunity and never miss a chance to fly! 🦋

If I hadn't taken that chance and faced the eye of the storm, I never would have known real adventure. And knowing real adventure is invaluable to live a fulfilling life.

There's a story behind every adventure and every song...this is just one of many that made up the inspiration for the songs on my debut EP MICHELLE SARASIN. 

This LIMITED EDITION CD is available now with a 15% off discount when you use the code MOTHER15. I'll even sign it for you!

So if you enjoy a little adventure and a whole lot of love then I know you will LOVE this album! Remember, conquer your fear and always swim up! (especially when you're underwater :)

Can't wait to sign your CD! 🖋️

~ Michelle

P.S. Yes, I am still on speaking terms with my brothers. 😉

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