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On A Whim? Maybe...

There's something that I have been meaning to tell you throughout all the chaos. 

Thank you.

In times when we are all struggling to make it; stay the distance, place food on our tables, keep our heat on and the rent paid - and for some of us paying others...your support truly means the world.

Many people don't know that independent musicians (a.k.a. indie artists) make much of their living through others. We work so hard to creatively give you the music you love and when you support us you support music for everyone.

Unlike the J-Lo's or the Barbra Streisand's of the world, things are not always clear-cut with music sales for indie artists such as myself. We breakthrough the mold and pay our way through life with the donations, streams, and purchases that fans like you provide on a frequent basis.

When you stream or buy/download our digital music you support us.

When you purchase an album, a shirt, or any other piece of merchandise you help us place food on the table for our families and pay our bills.

When you buy a ticket, follow us on social media, or even donate/tip our live Facebook & YouTube sessions you help us keep bringing more of the music you love to you.

When you become a part of the community you become a part of a world that is so much better because of music and art. 

Supporting us whether it be through music & merchandise, crowdfunding, or any of the series of ways mentioned before, you support what you love music, life, and freedom.

So I just want to thank you and let you know I am here! I will be here to keep the music going and Join me on Facebook tomorrow (3/27/2020) @ 3:30 pm EST for a Live Session! I'll be performing the Irish classic "Danny Boy" as well as "Straighten Up and Fly Right" and more! 

Plus, a few surprises and announcements are in store for the session!

I hope that you continue to support my music and this journey because having you as a part of my community & family is something that is truly special! 

See you soon :)


P.S. If you haven't gotten something from the merchandise shop yet, please feel free to look at our products - I know you'll find something perfect! SHOP MSM

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