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Raise Your Wings

Ever feel like you can fly? Ever have a moment where suddenly you just believe ANYTHING is possible?

Ever touch a butterfly?

My new and first full-length album, Butterfly, finally releases its wings on August 21, 2020. An album unlike others I've done in the past, this record focuses on the core on our very being.

Like pretty little butterflies, each of our souls start off in a cocoon. A metaphorical cocoon, technically speaking. We are born with a clean spirit and as we grow and learn our wings begin to take shape, our souls begin to color.

Those colors that come from experience and life are what makes each of us unique. It is only when we choose to recognize and have the courage to rise into sharing our true selves with the world; we finally break from our cocoons. 

We finally turn into a butterfly.

It's a scary notion, showing ourselves to the world. Especially, in today's world. But in a lot of ways it is also exciting. The prospect of knowing we could potentially change, for the better, a world like this one, - is as exciting as it is scary.

Butterfly, the pop-folk inspired album, goes on a journey from being tucked away in that metaphorical cocoon to rising up and metamorphosing into a beautiful butterfly!

Of course, it wouldn't be a Michelle Sarasin album without some jazz elements and alternative pop mixes thrown in - but the instrumentation does have a sense of authentic folk to it.

From the purely breathtaking piano piece, "Some Things" to the soaring nuances of the title track itself; I want to take you on a soul journey.

I want you to close your eyes and think nothing of the world around you. Instead, imagine your heaven or paradise. Imagine being able to finally and truly be free. Imagine that your are you; a wondrous soul butterfly.

Then come back down to earth and see yourself for what you truly are. A masterpiece.

A butterfly raises its wings only with courage and the willingness to fly freely. You and I can do the same. If only we believe in our true souls...

Will you raise your wings? 

Butterfly, releases everywhere on Friday, August 21, 2020.

Keep flying,

Michelle Sarasin 🦋

Singer | Actress | Writer

MSM Shop Owner

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