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Welcome to the Family!


You're in. 😃

And I am so excited you're here!

Being a part of a community filled with magical content, operatic pop music, and like-minded individuals who share a common bond is something I truly treasure. I know you will too!

There is so much more to my life than just music and I love sharing this content with you. As we continue our journey together you will come to find and connect with people, music, and products that will change your life.

This music member community is all about sharing in the fantastical - and slightly twisted - culture of folk, 1920's, and dreams.

Guts. Gumption. Grace. That's what I stand for. It's who I am. I am blessed that you let me share this with you day in and day out.

There is always room at our table and in this family you will never feel alone!

The MSM Shop, my official music & merch shop, has everything you need to get to know me better and to dive deeper into this great community!

Things like custom-made jewelry, great mugs, men's clothing, women's clothing and more are all handpicked and designed by yours truly with love and care. 💜

Do you have t-shirt or product from us that you love? Send a review and/or pic to and we'll post it on the product page or better yet, in our front window (a.k.a. the online store's front page).

Have a suggestion for a product you would like to see be sold at MSM? Let us know! For comments, questions, and suggestions contact: My team of "JIVERS" are more than happy to help!

Sharing your experiences as a member of this community is something that is so awesome to hear. So always feel free to reach out! 👊

Lastly, I want to welcome you again to the #msmclub and I hope, in fact, I know you will find as much connection & joy as I have being a part of the family! 

Have FUN & ENJOY your MSM products


Michelle :)

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